At Willow Ridge

The Town of Harrison has voted to seize the failing Willow Ridge Country Club by eminent domain, and go into the golf business with your money.  The Mayor and other Town Board Members have grossly underestimated the risk and expense in operating a public golf course at a time when public golf courses are losing members and revenue. On Thursday, April 15, 2021, the Town Board will vote to issue bonds, which will cost taxpayers upwards of $40+ million for a sub-par country club. It gets worse...



  • Golf is used by a relatively small segment of the population and readily available at other nearby courses.


  • The course needs $3-5 million in immediate capital improvements and will require regular upkeep costing many millions for years to come.

  • Willow Ridge is not in good shape. Its own members have been golfing elsewhere.


  • With so many golf courses, municipal and private, in the neighborhood, the potential of this being a successful revenue producer is sharply reduced. 


  • Bottom line, a vote to bond for Willow Ridge is fiscally irresponsible.


  • More debt, less revenue. That’s not good planning. Taxpayers will foot the bill.


  • The Town is underestimating the cost of owning and operating a golf club. The taxpayers will wind up paying for that.

Bottom line, Mayor Belmont and his allies are acting recklessly – and fiscally irresponsible.


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